January 31, 2017

Be careful what you wish for is how the saying goes. Remember how in my blog post titled “Grey” I wished for the snow to show up so I could dance in it. Well, it didn’t quite snow but we did experience a storm that lasted 20 minutes while I was out shooting this outfit post. And guess what? I still danced in it, lol. Let’s just say I’m no longer bothered by external factors as my mind is in charge of what I exude.

Metallics are a must have when it comes to style. Since the summer of 2016 I’ve been adorning myself in jewellery to always make my rather chilled outfits pop if you will. When my lovely friend gifted me this metallic skirt due to it not fitting her, I was very excited to say the least as I thought of many ways to wear it. Paired with my metallic trainers, it was a hit and perfect for my moves in the rain. Finding a coat or jacket that wasn’t overwhelming was another story altogether. I tried on quite a few before deciding to stick to my trick of wearing my jean jacket inside out. There I was, ready for the groove. All I can say now is DJ hook me up!

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