January 10, 2017

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect ripped jeans for years now. My go to stores were the usual Primarni, New Look and H&M but always failed to get the right fit. I decided to do some research online as to the best places to buy jeans and Levi’s® kept popping up. From miners to rock and rollers making it their jean of choice, it was hard not to fall in love with the story behind the brand. Being the minimal spender that I am, I decided to make do with my current jeans until the January sale which turned out to be a brilliant move as I went into Levi’s® in Manchester and asked to see their ripped jeans and found these bad boys on sale. I instantly fell in love with it. I’ve always loved the rugged look of jeans especially blue jeans and this fit the bill to a T. It’s called the 721 skinny high rise jeans. It was initially being sold for £95 then reduced to £47 which is circa 50% off. I wasted no time taking advantage of the offer and tried on the jeans which was a good fit. I had to shave off 3 inches from the length as it was too long for my taste and the store offered to do this for free which I thought was great as it only took an hour to make the adjustments. There were some details around the hem just like the ones seen on the back pocket and I asked the store if they could replicate it and their answer was yes but at an additional cost of £5 for collection in a week. I declined as I didn’t want to spend anymore money cause it wouldn’t make the deal as sweet, lol.

I couldn’t wait to wear them so on Saturday I put them on, paired with my usual white t-shirt and sneakers, I also threw on my River Island jean jacket deliberately wearing them inside out to match my new found love which you’ll be seeing a lot more often on the blog and Instagram. In the midst of my research, I read somewhere that the CEO of Levi’s® said jeans aren’t meant to be washed as washing ruins them. You can apparently spray vinegar and alcohol on them and let them out to dry or put them in a plastic bag and freeze for 2  days to kill off any bacteria which maintains the jeans better than washing. Not quite sure how long I can go without washing them but I can definitely say I’m now officially a Levi’s® girl and there’s no going back. My plan is to stalk the sales for a couple of more jeans as that’s what I do best.

Thanks for reading as always. Let me know your best jeans brands. To see the 721 skinny high rise jeans in action, you can catch up on my latest youtube video.

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  • I’ve heard that Too Shop make good jeans but never tried them out. Will actually go in store one of these days to try on some. Thanks for reading as always 💙🌸💙

  • Sky

    These photos are stunning! And those jeans fit your figure perfectly you hot mama 💜

    I struggle with pants generally as the sizes that fit my hips/bum have to be taken in at the waist.
    I’ve only gotten a perfect fit with TopShop’s ‘Leigh’ jeans, don’t know if they make it anymore…
    It was of the softest denim ever and fit my curves well, I didn’t have to hold it in at all.
    It was thrifted so I’ve not been able to find another one since.