January 27, 2017

Super excited about the weekend as I write this blog post after work on a Friday night while listening to a podcast in the background. The weekend is always my time for sneaking in some shoot. Lately the weather has been quite cold which is a bit shocking to most people especially since in December we experienced some really warm days. There’s been a couple of snow in Manchester but I’ve either been in work or asleep at night to wake up to the residue in the morning. As much as I dread the cold, I have been hoping it snows so I can dance in it and probably shoot in it as well.

Come last weekend, there was no sign of snow. It didn’t stop me from getting all dressed in my grey t-shirt which I got from the sale at & Other Storiesmy usual skinny black jeans and grip perfect boots paired with leather jacket and a huge scarf for a shoot about town. I jumped, laughed, stood and did everything I could to have a great time shooting in what appeared to be a grey and very cold weather. And in true Onyi style, I decided to create snow in one of my favourite images in post production and it was a really fun task. Like I said in a previous post, I believe in creating the opportunities I want to see. This time it was experiencing a snow day. I did in my mind and then brought it to life.

“if the snow won’t come to Onyi, Onyi will bring about the snow.”

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