Dreaming of Summer

January 18, 2017

Been dreaming of summer lately and I think it has a lot to do with the sunshine, light outfits and longer days which allows me to cram in more photoshoots and blog posts.  My love for photography translates to my love for light as light is always your friend when it comes to photography. It’s no wonder why I love outdoor sitting areas which make it even more pleasant in sunny weather.

I’m a big believer of creating the opportunities we seek. The saying that usually comes to mind is “speak those things that be not as though they are” which usually inspires me to act no matter the circumstances. To recreate the feeling of summer, I dressed up in a light denim shirt paired with my Levi’s® ripped jeans and gold trainers, I headed to Victoria Station on a cold rainy day and sat in the indoor outdoor coffee shop which felt great. I watched the trams and trains go by, sent a couple of emails, and visited a sweet shop afterwards. It was summer, the summer I’ve been dreaming of. All I had to do was experience it and I did. I can honestly say come rain come shine, summer will always be on my mind.

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