Chunky Knit Love

January 6, 2017

You know I’m all about being cosy and comfortable. And the cold weather makes it easy to snuggle up in a warm chunky knit. From chilling with bae on the sofa while watching Nextflix and drinking a nice hot brew to throwing on a pair of tights and boots and hitting the streets of Manchester, this oversized knit is the warmest friend you’ll encounter this winter. I waste no time flirting with it as I pull it to show off some neck and shoulder; a tribute to cliche seduction. Don’t get me started on the way it sits on my body and how it stretches as I pull on it to keep my hands safe from the frost. Where I come from, they say “it is a weather for two”, I say you can do it alone with this knit on you.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Misspap. Get yourself a chunky knit from their collection.

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