Top Notch

December 29, 2016

As a northerner, Craig takes pride in his heritage and makes a point of making sure it reflects in his style and personality. It’s no wonder he’s been told on numerous occasions that he sounds like a character from Game of Thrones and looks like Bjorn from Vikings. The first thing you notice when you see him is his distinct haircut. That always tends to get people staring and little kids pointing at it. I remember in New York, while on the ferry to Staten Island, a little boy was showing his mum Craig’s top knot and laughing which we all found hilarious especially Craig who wasted no time engaging the cheeky munchkin in a little conversation. You see, Craig loves to have conversations. He finds interacting with people very interesting and his look is always a great conversation starter. For him, his style is more than a look but a way to connect with the people he encounters while just being the northerner he truly is.

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