New York New York

December 10, 2016

Those of you who follow my blog and social media accounts know that I was in New York on holiday a couple of weeks ago and I’m super happy that the pictures are finally ready. The city was full of life and magnificent structures which I got plenty of chance to take in from the view of our hotel room. We decided from the get go that we would explore much of the city by spending as little money as possible.

On our first night, Craig was super excited that he didn’t even bother to rest from the jet lag and dived straight into the big apple, something which he paid the price for later on with a sore ankle. The next morning he was very keen to show me Time Square and Central Park which we captured in all it’s glory in our first New York vlog.

The air was beautiful and the streets full of carts selling the classic New York pretzel. It was the tastiest pretzel I had ever had. With a cuppa in hand, we explored Central Park on foot staying true to our routine by walking everywhere.

The next day, the sun was shining and the harbour was our destination. Our aim was to see her – Ms Liberty and the freedom she stands for. We took a free ferry a few blocks from Wall Street to Staten Island where we sailed past the Statue of Liberty. 

What a site to behold. The skyline lived up to all it’s expectation from the movies and all.

Since we visited in November, the spirit of Christmas was very much alive so we ventured into the New York Christmas market at Union Square.

There was one lazy day (not too lazy) which I reserved to do some thinking. You might have come across stories of great men and women finding inspiration from their travels. Well, this turned out to be a soul searching trip for me. I eluded to what might have inspired this in my previous blog post. It turned out to be a quest for spiritual growth and I’m delighted to say my journey has begun.

My new mantra, taken from the good book has become “be ye not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

On another cold beautiful day, we took to the streets of New York to discover its hidden gems and character. There was much to see and take in. We ended up at the Brooklyn Bridge, but being too scared of heights I left Craig to go all by himself. 

“Figure out what it is you want in life and go after it as if your life depends on it, because it does”. – Les Brown

It didn’t take long for us to end up at the American Museum of Natural History. You can pay any amount as a donation to gain entry. It was full of ancient artefacts and wild/sea life animals which all had 3D effects to it. It made for very interesting viewing.

Walking down the harbour is always a good idea as open waters bring clarity.

The details on some of the structures reminded me very much of London. I could feel nostalgia setting in in those instances.

Taking on the streets again, we headed to the Flat Iron Building. Opposite it were hammocks where you could lay to take in this magnificent structure.

On our final day, we took to the streets to capture some of the magnificent Christmas decorations. The night before, we went to watch the Christmas tree lighting at the Rockefeller Centre but couldn’t see a thing as the streets were packed with people and only ticket holders got a great view. We were smart enough to head back to our hotel to watch it live on TV.

We also took the opportunity to head to Grand Central Station which was the most beautiful station I’ve ever come across. 

Although we always had our camera on us, we took in more of New York with our eyes than we did with our lens because that’s how overwhelmingly magnificent it is. You’ll have to visit and see for yourself why it is what it is – New York New York.

New York New York – where dreams are made.

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  • Thanks for your kind words.

    I had a great time in New York. Looking forward to going back 💙🌸💙

  • Brianna Degaston

    Your feed is amazing! You take very unique photos and you are living the new york dream! lots of love! <3 I miss the concrete jungle


  • Thanks dear. We actually had an amazing time. Missing it already 🙂 x

  • Sky

    Such good coverage Onyi, glad y’all had a great time.

    Sky Not Fancy