New Series: My Week in Black and White

December 25, 2016

Before I decided to have a theme on Instagram, I used to post a lot of pictures with different moods and colour grading, black and white being one of them. I’ve always loved black and white pictures which came about from seeing really cool old photos of my parents and grandparents that were accompanied by many tales, a couple of which I might be reliving as my dad was also into photography and trekked almost everywhere like I do now, lol. Inspired by a fellow Mancunian blogger Lizzy Hadfield who creates a weekly series using film camera, I decided to create one on my blog using black and white edits with pictures that I love but never make it to the blog and use it as an opportunity to get a little personal with you so you can know a bit more about me.

So here we go. I was off work last week and decided to make the most of it as any day off is a luxury for me. For those who don’t know, I currently work full time as a Financial Accountant. I spent a couple of days working on my eBook which should be available to purchase in the next coming days. I hung out with my blogger friend Samio and we did the usual – sharing knowledge about blogging (she does most of the sharing as she’s been in the game longer than me)  over cheese and grapes with prosecco in hand. It’s always lovely catching up with her as I feel like I always take away something positive from our chats and in some ways I feel like my bonus chapter (My Blogger Guide) in my eBook is as a result of some of the insights she’s given me.

I made a sudden decision in the early hours of Friday morning (1am to be precise) to change the theme of my blog in order to encourage engagement and so far I’m pleased with the results even though it took me 4 hours to install and redesign the new theme.

I received two blogger mails (one from Missguided and the other from Misspap). I had to create a party look with the Missguided pieces just in time for Christmas and the New Year.  Putting the outfit together was so much fun especially since it represents my style which I’m now more aware of after experimenting with different outfits for the most part of 2016. You can see pictures of my party look here

I’m doing a lot of reading now as I’m trying to gain more knowledge about a lot of things including how to take my blog full time in a sustainable fashion. I find myself rereading one book every night which is a book that pretty much teaches you how to pray effectively. You know, how to ask for what you want, believe and then receive it. All in faith. It’s called The Power of The Subconscious Mind. I figured I have nothing to lose but everything to gain by equipping myself with the teachings of the book which is why I keep going back it.

I spent today (Christmas day) attending my  goddaughter’s dedication after only being given a day’s notice by her mum (a really close friend) which is very typical of her, lol. As I and Craig’s family both live abroad, we found ourselves spending Christmas alone again and didn’t bother making plans for a Christmas dinner as we were counting on the 24 hour McDonalds and KFC being open. Well, it turns out that McDonalds and KFC staff are not as sad as we are and have families to spend Christmas with which was why neither of them were open. Right now (at 9:15pm) I’ve got some chicken in the oven ready to make some Christmas dinner which will be spaghetti in tomato sauce with pepperami and chicken. I better go now, the oven just pinged. Thanks for reading and see you next week x

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