Good Morning

December 20, 2016

It’s amazing how two simple words could set the tone for the day – good morning. I am becoming more conscious of the things I do and say about myself. More so conscious about starting my day on a positive note. I’m up a bit early these days working on my ebook which should be ready to purchase on or before the 31st of this month. This means that I’m usually up before Craig, being careful not to disrupt his sleep while scribbling away.

The moment I can sense him waking up, the first words out of my mouth are good morning. It sets the tone for a friendly conversation especially if my scribbling caused him to wake. We get chatting about plans for the day before heading into the shower to get ready.

Being the walker that I am, I dash out into the streets with my earphones plugged in, volume turned on to the highest, listening to something motivational. A few minutes in, I see familiar faces that walk the same path as I do. There those two words are again. I read their lips as our eyes lock and I mutter  the words good morning with a smile.

I can tell my day is already off to a good start. The me within is feeding the me without with positive thoughts. Good morning Onyi, it’s a beautiful day to be alive and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Good Morning – don’t forget to say it.

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  • Kachi

    I would love that!! Looking forward to it already 🙂. Merry Christmas to you and Craig.

  • You’re right dear. It does look a lot like yours. Thanks for checking up on my blog. Hopefully we’ll see when I’m in Abuja next year xxx

  • Kachi

    I love the upgrade Onyi. It’s been a while since I visited your site (been really busy) but your upgrade looks a lot like mine, please check it out??.