Faux Alarm

December 5, 2016

Have you ever been in a situation where you manage to convince yourself that everything (and sometimes everyone) is against you and maybe Murphy’s law was somehow designed with you in mind? Well, I have. On numerous occasions. One of which happened to be a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t entirely wrong in my assumptions as my friends (and Craig included) witnessed some of the events that led me to overreact.2n4a0749

I made quick decisions in that moment and all I wanted to do was escape everything that had to do with it. And escape I did, to New York. I remember thinking to myself, Onyi you’ve been planning this holiday for quite a while to relax so make a conscious effort not to take this emotional baggage with you on the plane. I was determined to leave it all behind and I did.


After returning from holiday it all became clear and I had no regrets for what I called overreacting at the time. Somehow this false alarm had given me the courage to cut off ingenuine ties and habits I had been contemplating doing for months. Not to mention, this experience brought me even closer to my friends which I’m very grateful for.2n4a0753

They say when you’re at a low the only way out is up. Hence why I dug out my 4 year old faux fur from New Look to celebrate the best goddam faux alarm I’ve ever had. Paired with Gola Classics trainers and this lovely Closet London skirt gifted to me by a dear friend, all that’s missing is a glass of sparkling prosecco. 2n4a0761

Faux Alarm – cheers to  friendships.

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