Killing Time

November 28, 2016

I’ve never been one not to keep busy especially when trying to kill time. Rather than stare at the ceiling and hoping to fall back asleep after waking up in the middle of the night, I find myself writing this blog post to pastime.


While in boarding school, I remember spending a lot of my spare time writing songs and braiding the hair of quite a few friends. The latter would prove to be a source of income when I found myself short of funds at university. 2n4a99522n4a9980

But this wasn’t the only skill set I picked up in my spare time as I studied my aunt who visited many a few times display what I would call an extraordinary culinary style which inspired me to also take up baking. It became clear that I was very good with my hands when it comes to learning the trade. 2n4a9928

The routine of being resourceful became known – as funds grew short, my sister and best friend would both seek out customers and book hair appointments with them on my behalf and also take orders for cakes and a well cooked meal. When it came time to deliver, they were always by my side setting out the tools I needed, handing me hair extensions, mixing the cake ingredients, making deliveries etc. And we all shared in the profits as we should. Today they’ve both gone on to own businesses in the food industry.2n4a98922n4a9891

Fast forward a few years later and I find myself in the UK where life is quite different compared to back home. As a qualified accountant, landing a job wasn’t as easy as a UK work experience was required. I found myself volunteering to meet the requirements and in my spare time browsing the internet for anything and everything. During my time on the web, I discovered YouTube and decided to give it a go. I bought my first entry level camera just before Christmas of 2014. A few months later, I stumbled upon the TV show called fashion bloggers. Inspired by the women on the show who not only blogged but also took amazing photos of themselves, I decided to go into blogging and focus on delivering quality images. 2n4a9954It’s no wonder I spend a lot of my free time taking pictures, editing and watching a lot of YouTube tutorials. Today it’s safe to say in killing time I have become a self taught photographer just like the ladies in the show. And just as my sister and best friend have gone on to make a career out of their pastime, I too dream of the same. 2n4a9944

Killing time, in collaboration with Elie Beaumont London

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