Hair Day

November 30, 2016

If you know what it means to have ”black girl problems” then you’ll know that hair day is a thing which if you’re not careful can consume your day especially if you’re a 4c girl like me. After going on a 3 year natural hair journey, I decided to throw in the towel and relax my hair. This decision was not taken lightly as I had put in a lot of time and effort to stay on a natural journey. I’d say life got in the way as I became very busy with work and my blog and couldn’t afford to give multiple hours let alone a whole day to groom my hair. Still, a day needs to be set aside as hair day, although this time not the whole day is needed as it only takes me at most 3 hours to get it sorted.


Being in New York on holiday seems like the perfect time to have a hair day. What I love the most about it is the rituals that comes with it. The time between doing a deep conditioning and the final rinse is perfect to waltz around in comfy garments, snacking away at popcorn while watching Home Alone II. It becomes easy to realise that hair day isn’t such a bad thing after all. If only I could catch a break from work and perhaps freeze time, I might still be a naturalista. But hey, there’s no point dwelling on what could have been especially when the time gained has been put to good use. 2n4a0484

We all have that one thing that has the potential to take up our time but understanding the outcome and finding a way around it is always a good option. The 3 hours now allocated to my hair day has become my outlet for relaxation, almost like a spa day which makes it all the more exciting to look forward to. Who knows, I might even try to paint my nails on hair day, but Craig will have you know the chances of that happening are pretty slim. 2n4a0499

Hair Day – with love from New York.

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  • Thanks Sky, good to know that you can relate.

    I don’t use the colour lookup table but I can see what you mean with the foggy night look. The beauty of Photoshop is that there is no one way to create a look. Different workflows can still achieve the same results. It just takes a lot of practice and recreating.

    Thanks for reading as always 😘💙🌸💙

  • Sky

    Girl I feel you on the hair struggles..and PREACH on that getting a break from work and time. If only. Lol.

    Great post and even greater photos, as usual.

    PS, I am attacking that Colour Lookup feature on PS like crazy. The Foggy Night option looks close to what you use, I know it’s not just that (it can’t be!) but am I on the right track?