Understanding Time

October 23, 2016

Today I want to talk about time the way I see it and think about it. We’re now in Autumn and experiencing shorter days and longer nights which means I have to make use of what daylight I can get as my photography is done solely using natural light.2n4a93132n4a9299As I have a week day 9 to 5 job, this pretty much leaves me with the weekend to get some photography done. Knowing that isn’t just enough, I had to come up with a plan together with Craig to arrange weekend shoots. We attempted the plan for the first time yesterday and it was a success. We did the same thing in summer   where we tried to get in a shoot almost every day which made this my most productive summer yet.2n4a93272n4a9267Choosing how and what to spend time on is very key. They say people who are experts in their fields have spent nothing less than 10,000 hours practicing. So what do I do with the longer nights? I spend it editing photos and acquiring more knowledge in photography and other subject areas that interest me.2n4a93292n4a9357To really understand time you have to understand balance. Like I mentioned earlier on, I’ve got a full time job coupled with my photography and blog so where does family and social life fit in? Finding this balance is something I’ve been trying to work out for a while now. Craig’s role behind the scenes has evolved into a collaborative partnership which has helped in a lot of ways as it means we get to spend more time together doing the things we love while at the same time capturing those moments. 2n4a93452n4a9272Finally, it is worth noting that there’s a time for everything. You can always plan your time and all but sometimes life hits you with a curve ball and you might find yourself stuck in time or in some cases ahead of time and somewhat unprepared. It’s okay to stop and experience that moment taking notes of the lessons learnt, both the good and the bad, knowing that time is what you make of it when you make of it.2n4a9236Tick tock tick tock…

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