Tea For The Soul

October 13, 2016

I never used to drink tea until I moved to the UK. I remember very well how it all came about. I was in an office job and my colleagues would make a brew for one another. I got asked on several occasions “fancy a cuppa?” and my answer would always be a no until one winter morning when I couldn’t cope with the cold and finally said yes to one. It felt so good in my hands as I started to warm up almost very quickly. A couple of hours later I had seconds and then one more for the road. Now it’s become a part of me, so much so that day without a cuppa doesn’t feel quite right. 2n4a8792
The same goes for not feeding my mind with what it needs to feel warm. Almost  like the book Chicken Soup for the Soul. I always try to seek out positive things to motivate myself. Doing it once a week never quite cuts it. Just like my experience with tea, I can certainly tell when I’m lacking in drive and motivation. 2n4a8816
Listening to motivational speeches first thing in the morning tends to set the tone for my day. I find myself ready to hit the road knowing that it’ll be a good day. 2n4a8881
I noticed that people are a lot more happier when the days are warm compared to when it’s cold. This means I’ll have to make a conscious effort to have multiple top ups during these days so I don’t get lost in my days. 2n4a8835So now when I hear a colleague or my husband say “fancy a cuppa?”, I’ll say to myself “and some for the soul too”.

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  • Ginger and honey tea sounds really nice 🙂

  • Awww, I enjoyed reading this… especially the last sentence. It made me feel warm, just like my favorite teas – Earl Grey or Ginger and Honey.

    Berry Dakara Blog