Mr Self Portrait

October 7, 2016

Last week I got the chance to meet the the man behind Self Portrait thanks to the Selfridges blogger event hosted in Manchester. It was all very exciting as I got to appreciate his work even more. The collection had an everywoman style feel to it as you could almost certainly find a piece that could work for you whatever your style may be.2n4a81552n4a81492n4a8133The event was full of vibrance as Manchester bloggers got chatting about the collection over a glass of Prosecco and good music. 2n4a81562n4a8143I got to establish new relationships in the blogger community and we took lots of photos thanks to the Photo Booth set up. I managed to capture some footage for my vlog too.2n4a81532n4a8151It was quite refreshing to see Manchester bloggers being given such an opportunity to engage with an established designer. The night ended on a high as it was nothing short of a success.

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