For Him

October 19, 2016

I’ve got exciting news. It’s something for the boys, or the girls, or the boys… (okay, stop waffling Onyi and get back to the news). The news is Craig is now going to be a regular on the blog sharing his style tips and much more. We work very well together so we thought it’d be fun to share our work here.2n4a8999Thanks to, Craig got a chance to style this shoot. You can never go wrong with a white T-Shirt especially one that has images of a cassette tape which is very reminiscent of the 90s. Speaking of the 90s, the Oasis Exhibition is currently taking place in Manchester (where the band is originally from). Craig found himself listening to Supersonic to inspire some true Mancunian poses.2n4a9055Paired with a hooded jacket and skinny jeans, he’s definitely ready for AW16.2n4a8989Shoelace done and it’s time to hit the streets of Manchester perhaps for some all you can eat Chinese ( as seenĀ in this week’s vlog).2n4a9017And let’s not forget, the pony is back after a long year of grooming which I dare say is why Craig is feeling particularly Supersonic.

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