Cosy Sundays

October 30, 2016

Sundays are meant for relaxation. It’s a day you get to unwind from overindulging in the luxury that is Friday night and Saturday (i.e. if you work during the week) and then wish Monday wasn’t one more sleep away, sigh…2n4a9690If only that was always the case with us. Our weekends have certainly become working days born out of our passion. It’s time we have to make good use of to create content. But somedays it all feels like really hard work. For those who have a passion, you’ll understand that you never want it to feel like work. Sure you have to put in a good deal of work but one that is a labour of love.2n4a9655Speaking of love, we cozied up in black for a lazy Sunday shoot which turned out to be fun. Since we shoot ourselves, we had a few trips back and forth the camera with poses that made us giggle and pretty much made my day. ”This was fun”, I said to Craig, his response, ”it should be”. And he’s right. It’s got me thinking of more fun ways we can continue to create and I’m excited to share our growth along the way.2n4a9636In the meantime, Craig has plans for world domination. Hopefully he’ll be sharing that too.

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  • Thanks Sky. God bless you too dear xxx

  • Thanks dear xxx

  • Sky

    Only you can make black look so cozy…

    Also, ‘Onyi & Craig sitting on a chair, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!’ *singing*

    God bless you guys!

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  • Kachi

    you two are too cute for words…