Always on the go

October 2, 2016

I was watching Patricia Bright the other day on Youtube where she shared about what she does for work and she mentioned something she always says to her staff which stuck with me. It was ”make your mistakes fast”  and I couldn’t agree more. It’s always very easy to get carried away with the repercussions of failure which more often than not stifles progress.2n4a8284As much as I would like to get things right first time, it is not always practical especially since I’m learning on the job when it comes to photography and blogging. But I can’t grow if I don’t try out new and different things even if it might not give the desired results. The process then becomes more about the journey and not the destination.2n4a8199So I find myself always on the go to make my mistakes quicker so I can get to where I want to be not discounting the lessons learnt along the way. And this time I’m doing the rounds in my Woden trainers. These metallic bronze beauties have been great conservation starters.2n4a8328This Autumn, the plan is to share other videos on my Youtube channel alongside my vlogs. The videos will feature looks and other lifestyle content which should be exciting and I look forward to sharing it on the blog too. Until next time, this is me signing off to go make my next mistake or maybe magic…

***See more of Woden***

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  • Yes, it just delays your success. I’d say embrace making mistakes 🙂 x

  • I watched Patricia’s video too and that also struck me. I’ve always been afraid of failing and not getting everything right on the first go, but all that really does is delay your success, isn’t it?

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