Metallic Girl

September 24, 2016

You all know that I’m all about comfort given my recent decluttering where I go rid of most of my shoes (heels in particular) as I seldom wore them due to my habit of walking everywhere if I can help it. Going through my Instagram feed, its easy to see that my choice of shoes are always the same two pairs always featured. 2n4a7939So when Gola (a British sporting goods manufacturer) asked for a collaboration I immediately jumped at the idea as I believe their brand to be in line with mine given my love for walking. 2n4a7900My current comfort shoes are white so I opted for the Gola Classics Women’s Harrier Metallic Trainer to spice up my collection.2n4a7852The metallic colour compliments my skin really well and also brings a sense of class as well which can easily take my outfit from casual to chic.2n4a7933Paired with this autumn ready skirt and top from Primark, I dare say I can waltz into work like this and crunch some numbers.2n4a7892They are slowly becoming my favourite pair of trainers which means you’ll be seeing them a lot more on my Instagram feed2n4a7798So tell me, which Gola are you?

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