Badot in Manchester

September 19, 2016

It’s quite hard to believe that autumn is approaching considering all the rays of sunshine and warmth coming through Manchester. Nonetheless, I am nothing short of grateful for the not so typical British weather. Having said that, I didn’t take advantage of it this weekend as I failed to vlog, but with good reason. 2n4a6667As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am trying to give my photos a more consistent look. This usually means that I spent hours and hours watching photoshop tutorials and experimenting. 2n4a7730On Saturday I woke up at 7am and went straight to it. I only took breaks to eat and use the rest room. I was at it until 1am on Sunday when I started feeling somewhat defeated as  I felt like I had made very little progress. Thankfully my spirit wasn’t broken. So come Sunday morning, I was back at it again at 8am and carried on like I did on Saturday and then paused at 4pm to take some pictures to apply some of the techniques I had been practicing. 2n4a7739I took to my balcony wearing this badot top from New Look and chilled on my hammock which by the way needs hanging. 2n4a7741I’m learning that it takes time to hone editing skills and in my case it might take even longer as I’m self taught coupled with the fact that I don’t just want to do any odd editing but one that would make people stop and think when they see my work. Speaking of work, it’s time to get back to it. Thanks for reading my blog. I hope the sun shines where you are.

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  • Thanks Sky, you’re always so supportive.

    I do the same thing, watch tutorials and practice at the same time. The struggle is real, lol. But it is definitely one struggle that will pay off soon.

    Off to your blog now x

  • Sky

    I can’t deal with the perfection!
    The amount of progress you’ve made in such a short time is so tremendous, it’s remarkably amazing.
    I feel you on the learning and practicing thing, I was on that same struggle all through yesterday evening but i loved the rushing pleasure i felt with each photo i experimented on, like i was watching tutorials and trying the tricks out simultaneously, it was the most rewarding thing.

    I don’t know that your skills need further ‘perfecting’ because you’ve hit that mark for me as you are..but i understand the need for further learning and improvement in anything we do.

    Man, the day i take and edit photos like this ehn, nobody will hear word for me 😀
    I’ll even tattoo some photography thing on my arm or something, i don’t know.
    i’ll get unruly for sure!

    More power to you!

    Outfit: Little Red Dress