July 16, 2016

I am exactly one month away from turning 30 and I’ve never felt better. I read somewhere that you need to constantly take an audit of your life to get a picture of where you’re at. Having recently done this, my conclusion is that I don’t have it all together. But that’s not a bad thing in itself as I realised that I keep evolving.2N4A2450I am trying out new things which would potentially define my brand and this is without changing the core of who I am as a  person.2N4A2490The journey continues to be an exciting one. From setbacks when trying to achieve a look in post production to meeting new folks who are damn right awesome!!! 2N4A2459One of the current changes I’m going through at the moment is becoming a minimalist. I’m learning that I can survive on a lot less and focus my time and resources on more meaningful projects. 2N4A2381I’ve never been so excited to meet 30, proud of the woman I’ve become and the change I know will shape my future into something even better.2N4A2339Dress – Zara TRF / Leather Jacket – ASOS / Sneakers – Deichman / Choker – New Look

Style by Onyi MossPhotography by Onyi Moss & Craig Moss

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