The Theory of Light

January 23, 2016

I am a firm believer in actions over words. Doing more of what is authentic to you can inspire others to do the same. Growing up, I’ve always looked up to my dad. This has been and continues to be as a result of his actions. He’s been able to inspire a lot of people by his doings. Sometimes I find myself asking what would daddy do in this situation and that always leads me to the right answer. It’s almost as if he’s become my subconscious light – the light that pulls me in the right direction.2N4A2627I like to do more than I speak and there in lies my character as it is the consequences of my repeated actions. Actions that will in turn inspire others to embody the act of doing.2N4A2551And maybe soon enough I’ll start to see more of the light in me that’ll make me ask the question of what will Onyi do?2N4A2609

Photography and style by Onyi Moss

Assisted by Craig Moss

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  • Thanks Stella xxx

  • stella okafor

    Such a killer body 👌