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January 9, 2016

The past year has been one to be thankful for to put it mildly. I found myself soaring in my career, building great relationships and learning photography amongst other things. You see,  I’ve always been a dreamer but 2015 became the defining moment for me to hold on to even bigger dreams – you know, those dreams I thought would never amount to anything due to their outlandish nature. I am now going back to the picture of my biggest dreams and it feels amazing knowing that I still remember every little detail of it.2N4A1711Of course in true Onyi style I want to pay it forward. What does this mean? Well, it means you get a chance to work with me at no cost to you. If you reside in Manchester, UK and would like me to style and photograph you as well as teach you a thing or two about photography then drop me an email so we can get to work.2N4A1742I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully we can create a picture that forms part of your dreams 🙂

Photography and style by Onyi Moss

Assisted by Craig Moss

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  • Awww, thanks x

  • stella okafor

    Proud of you sis! . If only Manchester is in Dublin 😜😥

  • Sharing makes the world go round. Happy new year to you too Berry!!!

  • That’s great that you want to share your skills and knowledge with others. I wish I knew anyone in Manchester. Ah well. Happy New Year!

    Berry Dakara Blog