Kung Fu

December 20, 2015

The other day I was watching a TV show called Marco Polo and a student in training was asked by his master what he would say when asked about the meaning of Kung fu, before he could give a response his master went on to say what it meant.2N4A0992“Kung fu is supreme skill from hard work. A great poet has reached Kung fu. The painter, the calligrapher, they can be said to have Kung fu. Even the cook, the ¬†one who sweeps steps or a masterful servant can have Kung fu.”2N4A1063I was enlightened – Kung fu wasn’t just martial arts but the spirit behind it and everything else we so choose to pursue zealously. And in paying closer attention, I realised I hadn’t yet achieved Kung fu but so far I seem to be on the right path.2N4A1033“Practice, preparation, endless repetition until your mind is weary and your bones ache. Until you’re too tired to sweat, too wasted to breath – that is the way, the only way one acquires Kung fu.”2N4A1073

Photography and style by Onyi Moss

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  • Awww, thanks. That’s very interesting that you studied philosophy. I should have known cause you’re so wise beyond your age x

  • your dress has achieved kung fu lol… love this post.. i studied philosophy in Uni so we actually learned a lot about about this in ancient philosophy.

  • Thanks Stella for always commenting on my posts. You’re too kind x

  • stella okafor

    i love this dress on you.