My Fair-weather Friend

November 22, 2015

While studying at university, I had a handful of close friends but that took getting rid of a few I would describe as opportunists. You know, the people who only show up when they want something from you or when they have great news that concerns them but distance themselves from you especially when things are not so great. The irony being “a friend in need is a friend in deed”.2N4A0264The sooner you can spot these opportunists or fake friends if you will, the more you’ll focus your energy on those who’ll uplift you in any situation. To also attract genuine friends, you have to be one too. They say “you don’t get in life what you want, you get in life what you are”.  This is applicable even here.2N4A0315Come rain come shine, be consistent in your relationships. This will contribute in defining your character which forms a huge part of who you are. When it comes to friendships, you want words like loyal and honest to be associated with you.2N4A0349And if you haven’t already done it, say goodbye to your fair-weather friends cause winter is coming and even the sun won’t make things warm enough for them to stick around.2N4A0442


ASSISTANT // Craig Moss

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  • I know exactly what you mean. Nice to see you here xxx

  • Lol @ the sun won’t make it warm enough for them to stick around. Love this – so real. It can be tricky because you keep hoping that something’ll change and “what if” but like you said. the simple truth is, fair weather friends need to be shown the exit. simple

  • Thanks dear. Good to hear that things are looking up for you.

  • Onyi Moss

    Thanks dear. I’m glad things are looking up for you.

  • Kipazze Madaki

    Wow, lovely write up! Final semester in uni and I have gotten rid of 3 this year alone. My life has never been better! Wonder why I didn’t get rid of them earlier.