Take Stunning Pictures With Your Phone

October 24, 2015

40F2800F-585C-4917-BC03-79F663D38823With the quality of cameras made available to us via mobile phone technology and numerous editing apps, you can achieve high quality images and I dare say call yourself a budding photographer. Platforms such as Instagram have allowed photography enthusiast to showcase their work. Many of whom have captured stunning images using nothing but their phone and are happy to let others know with hashtags like #iphoneonly and #iphotography. You can’t help but admire their work and sometimes even try to follow suit.

My interest in photography has led me to capture pictures with my phone whenever I can. And today, I’ll be sharing how I take and edit pictures on my iPhone.

For me capturing pictures on my phone is an art. I think carefully of the images I would like to achieve and piece items together to form the perfect composition. Because I love to share my work on Instagram, I photograph using the square mode on my phone which means I don’t have to crop out anything when uploading on to Instagram. Although Instagram now lets you upload full sized images, I still prefer the square mode. The iPhone has a focus system which when you hold down will adjust your exposure. IMG_6219C89FB80F-2CC2-46E0-9E08-2262D7EF1582I try not to capture images that are over exposed as it makes it harder to edit. I move around to capture a variety of shots. Once I’m happy with a photo I proceed to edit it. My go to editing apps are Lightroom mobile, Snapseed and VSCOcam. Firstly I use Lightroom to bump up the clarity and reduce the vibrance. I then play around with the colours only using the luminance and saturation features till I’m happy with the look. I also use the tone curve to adjust the contrast. My next step would be to use the the selective tool feature in Snapseed to balance the brightness and highlights if necessary. I sometimes reduce the ambiance and then make use of the sharpening tool to bring the picture to life. The dodge and burn tool is another one I use to lighten and darken selective areas. Finally, I like to use VSCOcam to apply a filter. My current favourite is A6. I try to apply the filter at a minimal level so as not to lose the details of the photo. I also like the tint feature and will sometimes reduce or increase the temperature to correct any imbalance as a result of the filter application. I might use the sharpening tool if necessary and also do a highlight save depending on the filter applied before saving and uploading on to Instagram.IMG_6228IMG_6227For those wanting to maintain consistency with their pictures, Lightroom and VSCOcam both have features that lets you copy the edits and apply to another image. I hope you’ve learnt a thing on two about taking pictures on your phone and it encourages you to do so ever so often. Be sure to practice playing around with the features until you achieve your desired look. All photos in this post were taken using my iPhone 5s and edited using all three apps. Visit my Instagram page to see more photos taken with my phone.

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  • Snapseed and VSCO also work on android.

  • Chizzy Richard

    Love the fact that you are teaching people to be self made photographers… What other photo editing apps are there for smartphones other than iPhone…cos I’ve got no iPhone and I love taking pictures with my phone.

  • HettyAshAsiabee

    Beautiful Photos!!! I’m mesmerised!! Came across your website via Patrica Bright’s website and I think you’re making massive steps!
    I have a new website – an all encompassing fashion and lifestyle blog site. Check it out here: http://www.hettyashasiabee.com
    Twitter: @HettyAsia
    Instagram: @hettyashasiabee

  • Yes dear, the iPhone does a great job of taking good photos as may other smart phones.

    Thanks for always taking the time to comment on my posts. You’re too kind xxx

  • First of all, I’ve been anti-Apple for years and years!


    I took some photos on someone’s iPhone last week and I’m afraid my anti-Apple stance is rapidly fading away. The photos were sharp!!!!!

    P.S. I love the photos you posted 🙂

    Berry Dakara Blog