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October 22, 2015

I came across Ruthie Ridley on Instagram in April this year and we hit it off straightaway. Upon reading her blog it became apparent how much we have in common so it was no surprise we got along really well. Since then we’ve had a couple of collaborations and multiple communication which has been nothing short of exciting and very supportive. I love her positive energy and how she’s managed to share her passion for blogging together with the love she has for her beautiful family.
Today she’s answering a few blogger questions commonly asked and hope you can learn a thing a two from her. Right!!! Let’s dive in.

When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging in January of this year.  I started my fashion blog because posting images on Instagram started to become insufficient.  I am a very creative individual and creating keeps me alive.  I felt that if I had a space to write and share my photos it would fulfil that creative desire inside of me.IMG_7038How do you find inspiration for your blog posts?
I get a lot of outfit inspiration from who I follow in the blogging world and on Instagram, and then I try to make it into my own piece of artwork.  I lean toward a more timeless approach to fashion but I love to stay on trend at the same time.  With the writing content portion of my blog, I normally write about things actively happening in my life with family and things going on spiritually. It is very difficult for me to write surfacely.
Which three successful bloggers are an inspiration to you and why?
Sincerely Jules, Cara Loren & Shalice Noel- I love all three of these bloggers because they started at zero and built their way up.  What inspires me the most about them is their uniqueness.  They don’t look like any other blogger out there and individuality in the blogging world is so incredibly huge and valuable.IMG_7035What is your favouriteline of clothing?
Where do you see your blog in five years?
I hope to have developed several ongoing, long term partnerships and relationships with larger brands and companies, being an influencer and being able to monetise my blog in a substantial way.IMG_7039What tips would you give new fashion bloggers about growing their engagement and following on IG?
The biggest tip I would give new fashion bloggers trying to grow and engage their following is, stay active with your followers.  Take the time to comment back and even comment on their feeds.  Also remain consistent in what you are doing, posting clear and quality photos.IMG_7037Tell us how you styled this hot ASOS dress!
So, I had Onyi choose the outfit that we would wear for this blog post, because she is just FABULOUS! I adore her style.  This dress from ASOS is everything!  The form fitting material accentuates curves, yet allows you to move freely and confidently.  I paired this turtleneck dress with strappy heels and a thrifted wool trench.  I must have a pair of sunglasses and clutch with every outfit so that completed it for me 🙂
I hope you’ve totally enjoyed having Ruthie on here – I know I have. You’ll find me answering the same questions on her blog here. Be sure to read and keep the spirit of cam
araderie going 🙂IMG_7040

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  • stella okafor

    I love your outfit Ruthie. I agree with the clutch and sunglasses. 👍👌