Love In Perpetuity

September 12, 2015

They say nothing lasts forever and everything that has a beginning must have an end. This might be true for most things in life that can be quantified. But when it comes to feelings and emotions, it might not always be that clear. What I do know is some emotions can be taught not just by words but by our actions.

I say to myself, what if we teach love. Whether it be showing empathy and kindness to one another through our gestures or embodying the spirit of love in totality. This might not always be practical but what if we made a conscious effort most of the time to act with love. We will not only be paying it forward but bringing it back to us as the cycle continues. My grandfather taught me about love and even though he’s no more, his teachings remain with me and I live by it not because I owe it to him but because I have experienced love in perpetuity.IMG_9652-Edit-Edit-EditIMG_9633-Edit-Edit-2IMG_9612-EditIMG_9664-Edit-Edit

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