Dream On Hold

September 5, 2015

Every now again something happens that makes us take a step back from pursuing our goals. Basically, life happens! You unconsciously find yourself reprioritising and finding new meaning to things. There is nothing wrong with pausing to reflect on what is going on in your life. Sometimes a break like this might be the best thing for you especially if you’re constantly dealing with the hustle and bustle of life.

In circumstances like this, I find myself appreciating things I might have neglected. I also realise it’s okay not to be on drive mode all the time not to mention the perspective I gain from the transpired events. I have still come out of it carrying on with where I left off and in some cases choosing a new path. So the next time life happens to you, remember it’s okay to put your dream on hold till you feel you’re ready to go again.

Double Breasted Waist Coat and bag by Zara | Shirt by ASOS | Shoes and Jeans by New Look



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  • Thanks Cynthia x

  • Cynthia ChiChi baby x

    Wow I love ur blog. Ur so genuine and motivational.. thanks falot for the advice..I can totally apply it to my life. Thanks