August 15, 2015


Today, I’m a year older and so is my marriage and I couldn’t be anymore grateful. The past year for me has been one of personal reflection and self growth which is nothing short of a testimony. Upon reflecting, I began to find out the things that give my life a meaning or purpose if you will. It all boiled down to love, life and gratitude. IMG_9090-EditThe love of God is all so encompassing and unconditional. I find Him in my work and not to mention the love that comes from my family and friends. IMG_9129-EditLife for me always signifies hope. With hope, I have faith that I can continue to trust and believe that I can fulfil my dreams knowing that set backs are inevitable but with perseverance I shall conquer.IMG_9140-Edit Gratitude for things like love and life. Counting my blessings and writing it down reminds me of how much beauty surrounds my life.IMG_9151-EditThese three things have put my life into perspective and now I understand the meaning of why I do what I do, and that is enough to keep me going.IMG_9135IMG_9180-EditStyled and photographed by Onyi Moss

Dress by ASOS | Tutu by Halles Boutique | Socks and Sneakers by Primark

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