The Exception

June 27, 2015

Do you ever wonder why certain people achieve what’s never been done? Well, I used to until I was categorised as one of those people. It didn’t take me long to realise what I did right. Whenever there is a problem and someone said it couldn’t be resolved, I’d take on the challenge if not for anything but to see if I am capable of resolving an issue others have tried and failed at. I usually find out everything I need to know about the issue by engaging those who tried and failed to see how far they got and the roadblocks they hit. I then come up with possible solutions and consult others to see the potential issues that might arise if adopted. Armed with all this information, I set about to fix the problem, and soon enough, I resolve it.

I find that I always learn something new whenever there’s a problem and so I embrace the problems that come my way by jumping in with a “can do” attitude which has enabled me get to where I am today. In order to be an exception to the rule, you have to first believe you can do anything no matter how impossible it may seem. It is such beliefs that have stirred up the fire that allowed many to excel where others have dared to even go.  Today, I challenge you to become the exception, the exception that stirs up the fire in others.

Dress by H&M | Shoes by Dorothy PerkinsIMG_8124-2IMG_8271-2IMG_8127-2IMG_8181-2

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  • Awww Ruthie, you’re too kind. I will try and do a tutorial at some point for my make up. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Thanks Berry. It is mostly trial and error. The key for me was being determined not to give up on the matter 🙂

  • Ruth-Ann Ridley

    LOVE!!! I love your style… it is unique and effortless and like no one else. Also your make up is always on point! You should do a tutorial!~ Ruthie

  • Love the outfit as usual! And I’m curious as to what you did different…

  • Thanks Dear xxx