Girl Undiscovered

June 20, 2015

I have always been the type of girl who is brave enough to try something different. Whether it be venturing 5,000 miles on my own just to experience the world or trying out a new recipe and putting my own twist (extra chillies) on it, I will at least try if not for anything but to satisfy my ever growing curiosity. Each time I try something new or different, I discover a new layer to myself.

It’s very easy to think you know yourself based on making the same choices. The moment you realise that there are other options, you’ll not only discover the things that you’re great at or not so great at, you’ll discover the stuff you’re made of. And in discovering what you’re made of, you truly discover yourself.  Like the ”Yes Man”, don’t be afraid to say yes to something new. Life is full of so much possibilities, and in it, I keep finding the girl undiscovered.

Today I’m saying yes to  this Zara dress and Coat paired with Vivienne Westwood shoes 🙂IMG_7865IMG_7700IMG_7960IMG_7863IMG_7783IMG_7966IMG_7982IMG_8018

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