Got The Moxie

May 23, 2015

Fear often leads us to hold back from reaching our full potential. It usually starts with us thinking of something and how amazing it’d be if we did it but then once we get to the point of tasting victory, we quickly start to talk ourselves out of it, convincingly enough to the point where we think it’s a silly idea. A wise man once said “if there is no enemy within, the enemy without can do us no harm”. We become our greatest enemy by letting the fear we feel control our thoughts and actions.

Fear itself isn’t all so bad. If you can turn it around for your own benefit then the possibilities are endless. When I think of doing something and fear starts to creep in, I make a note of the constant roadblocks I hit. This allows me to then think of possible ways to get over those roadblocks. As I do this, I slowly chip away the fear knowing that when the time comes I shall overcome. Another thing I also do is attach a meaning or purpose to whatever it is I decide to do so that I don’t let go of it easily. In the movie ”Black Knight”  Martin Lawrence said ”courage isn’t the absence of fear; it is the presence of fear but yet the will to go on”. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. And today I’ve got the moxie, and I’m wearing the clothes to match 🙂

Dress by ASOS | Shoes by Dorothy Perkins


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