Mind Over Matter

April 4, 2015

I had an experience this week that got me really puzzled. I kept replaying different scenarios in my head as to why it could have turned out the way it did just to get some kind of resolve. I’ve even gone as far as making a few changes to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I mean I’ve been in situations like this before and it didn’t bother me the slightest as I paid no attention to it. So why was it different for me this time around? The answer finally hit me; the things involved mattered to me. Looking back on those previous experiences I could see I had no attachment to the things involved. When something matters to you there’s always a story that holds purpose to it, and this was the case for me.

At some point you have to decide whether to carry on focusing on the experience or give the things that matter a new meaning or purpose if you will. I find the latter to be much more comforting in moving on which for the most part is what I’ve done on this occasion. And so the next time I find myself all hot and bothered about something, I know I mind. And if I mind, then it matters. If I don’t, I can be rest assured it doesn’t matter.

Today I’m spending time at the city centre pairing a boyfriend jeans, t-shirt and shoes from Newlook together with high shoulder ASOS.IMG_4059IMG_4065IMG_4078IMG_4118IMG_4109IMG_4134IMG_4062

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  • Thanks Chinyem xxx

  • Chinyem N

    Love your outfit. Casual and cute! x

  • Thanks 🙂 xxx

  • Thanks Deborah xxx

  • Missy May

    You look great in the outfit. I love how versatile boyfriend jeans are. 🙂


  • Deborah Gakpo

    Really liked this post especially with the extra pictures! Fab as always