Hello Spring

April 14, 2015

Last week I thought Spring was finally here to stay but the weekend proved otherwise with strong winds and temperature around 10 degrees, imagine my disappointment. Today while at work from my view on the 21st floor I could see how amazing it looked outside and I couldn’t wait to dive into the sunshine. As soon as I was done with work I dashed home and got myself ready to embrace the weather but I was a bit skeptical and took a jacket with me just in case the “English weather” decided to show up and boy was I wrong. The sun shun until it could shine no more and yes I took advantage of it.

The weather is not only great but the stores are great as I managed to snatch up this amazing jumpsuit from New Look for only £19.99 and shoes from Primark for a whopping £12. Bargain you say! I say Hello Spring!!!IMG_4758IMG_4827IMG_4759IMG_4824IMG_4900IMG_4815IMG_4801IMG_4761

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  • Thanks Agnes x

  • The jumpsuit is so pretty, love the look

    Agnes x


  • Hi Nina, you might have guessed right. I don’t work out, I blame my muscle definition on all the hard labour I did while in boarding school and university. I do love pearls. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ll make sure to pay you a visit 🙂

  • Your muscle definition is so intimidating. Please say you work out because if this your natural appearance, I will feel depressed. Lol. Oh! and the jumpsuit is so chic, I love that you accessorized with string pearls instead or regular jewellry.


  • Hi Stephanie, thanks for stopping by my blog. I had a look at your blog and you’re doing well. All the best in your endeavours x

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