Chasing The Sun

April 23, 2015

It is hard being on top and then suddenly finding yourself at a low. I used to wallow in my sorrows a lot in the past each time I was at a low point until someone told me this – ”when you’re down the next place you’re going is up cause life is full of ups and downs”.  I took heed to these words and started focusing on what my next up might be each time I was down and that got me all excited. Excited enough to carry on life as I would if I was at the top knowing that I got through it the last time and knowing what came after that low. There is no room for endless worries, it is all part of living. It’s like chasing the sun; it comes and goes ever so often but sure enough when it’s around it brings with it all that glows. And in the moments we lose the sun we can always remember the feelings that came along with the last sunshine, knowing it won’t be long till we see the sun again.



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