My Nigerian Mancunian Wedding

March 14, 2015

I know I’ve been pretty late putting up this post as the ceremony took place in August last year. It was everything I dreamt of and more. It was such a lovely day, not only was it my birthday, but I got to say I do, and share it with the wonderful people God has blessed me with. And so I’ll be telling much of the story in pictures. Be sure to grab a cuppa as there’s much to see.

Onyi  Craig Wedding-10

Onyi  Craig Wedding-02

Onyi  Craig Wedding-12

Onyi  Craig Wedding-50

Onyi  Craig Wedding-43

Onyi  Craig Wedding-42Onyi  Craig Wedding-48

Onyi  Craig Wedding-40

Onyi  Craig Wedding-14

Onyi  Craig Wedding-17

Onyi  Craig Wedding-56

Onyi  Craig Wedding-41

Onyi  Craig Wedding-58

Onyi  Craig Wedding-22

Onyi  Craig Wedding-71

Onyi  Craig Wedding-72

Onyi  Craig Wedding-75

Onyi  Craig Wedding-76

Onyi  Craig Wedding-80

Onyi  Craig Wedding-86

Onyi  Craig Wedding-91Onyi  Craig Wedding-94

Onyi  Craig Wedding-93Onyi  Craig Wedding-96

Onyi  Craig Wedding-100

Onyi  Craig Wedding-126Onyi  Craig Wedding-122

Onyi  Craig Wedding-118Onyi  Craig Wedding-123

Onyi  Craig Wedding-135Onyi  Craig Wedding-138

Onyi  Craig Wedding-141

Onyi  Craig Wedding-142

Onyi  Craig Wedding-145

Onyi  Craig Wedding-148Onyi  Craig Wedding-153

Onyi  Craig Wedding-164

Onyi  Craig Wedding-163

Onyi  Craig Wedding-178Onyi  Craig Wedding-175

Onyi  Craig Wedding-171Onyi  Craig Wedding-183

Onyi  Craig Wedding-169

Onyi  Craig Wedding-167Onyi  Craig Wedding-194

Onyi  Craig Wedding-197Onyi  Craig Wedding-203

Onyi  Craig Wedding-209Onyi  Craig Wedding-210

Onyi  Craig Wedding-228

Onyi  Craig Wedding-224 (1)Onyi  Craig Wedding-211

Onyi  Craig Wedding-276Onyi  Craig Wedding-262Onyi  Craig Wedding-264Onyi  Craig Wedding-248Onyi  Craig Wedding-251Onyi  Craig Wedding-259Onyi  Craig Wedding-266

Onyi  Craig Wedding-258Onyi  Craig Wedding-254Onyi  Craig Wedding-249Onyi  Craig Wedding-261Onyi  Craig Wedding-260Onyi  Craig Wedding-265Onyi  Craig Wedding-267Onyi  Craig Wedding-273

Onyi  Craig Wedding-268Onyi  Craig Wedding-284

Onyi  Craig Wedding-288

Onyi  Craig Wedding-307Onyi  Craig Wedding-318

Onyi  Craig Wedding-314

Onyi  Craig Wedding-309Onyi  Craig Wedding-320

Onyi  Craig Wedding-321Onyi  Craig Wedding-301

Onyi  Craig Wedding-330Onyi  Craig Wedding-334

Onyi  Craig Wedding-338Onyi  Craig Wedding-339

Onyi  Craig Wedding-346Onyi  Craig Wedding-356

Onyi  Craig Wedding-357Onyi  Craig Wedding-361

Onyi  Craig Wedding-358Onyi  Craig Wedding-371

Onyi  Craig Wedding-369Onyi  Craig Wedding-377

Onyi  Craig Wedding-362

Onyi  Craig Wedding-363

Onyi  Craig Wedding-381Onyi  Craig Wedding-382

Onyi  Craig Wedding-390

Onyi  Craig Wedding-396Onyi  Craig Wedding-398

Onyi  Craig Wedding-399Onyi  Craig Wedding-397

Onyi  Craig Wedding-401Onyi  Craig Wedding-404

Onyi  Craig Wedding-405Onyi  Craig Wedding-406

Onyi  Craig Wedding-409

Onyi  Craig Wedding-414Onyi  Craig Wedding-415

Onyi  Craig Wedding-416

Onyi  Craig Wedding-417

Onyi  Craig Wedding-418Onyi  Craig Wedding-419Onyi  Craig Wedding-420Onyi  Craig Wedding-430

Onyi  Craig Wedding-426Onyi  Craig Wedding-428Onyi  Craig Wedding-433Onyi  Craig Wedding-435

Onyi  Craig Photo Booth-03Onyi  Craig Photo Booth-02Onyi  Craig Photo Booth-05Onyi  Craig Photo Booth-08Onyi  Craig Photo Booth-17Onyi  Craig Photo Booth-11Onyi  Craig Photo Booth-23

Onyi  Craig Photo Booth-24Onyi  Craig Photo Booth-25Onyi  Craig Photo Booth-26Onyi  Craig Photo Booth-43Onyi  Craig Photo Booth-21Onyi  Craig Photo Booth-46Onyi  Craig Photo Booth-35

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  • Adeyemi Kehinde Daniel

    Awesome Images! Took time to go through your Blog posts and archives, particularly took time to exhaust this, seeing beautiful smiling faces traceable to Gifted..smiles**. God Bless your Union!

  • Thank you so much Abiola xxx

  • Abiola Makanjuola

    I love the pictures. God bless your marriage.

  • Thanks Chibz xxx

  • How absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful photos. Love ’em