Good Vibes

March 28, 2015

I often talk about positivity and try to live it out in my daily life by having a good laugh and cheering people up when I can. Going through my blog posts the other day I noticed I wasn’t giving enough good vibes in my photos as one would expect from such a positive person like myself, and so I decided to do a shoot that was more reflective of the way I felt most times.

When photographing it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by your surroundings. A snapshot captures a moment in a few seconds or less and so you have to make sure you’re always in the moment – your moment, the one that’s true to you. I decided to go for a vibrant look to channel my positivity. I let go, laughed more and even managed to throw in a few moves 😉

IMG_3876IMG_3916IMG_3880IMG_3935IMG_3905IMG_3925IMG_3942IMG_3978Blazer by Mango | Jumpsuit by Asos | Shoes by Newlook | Glasses by Ray-Ban

Styled by Onyi Moss

Photography by Craig Moss and Onyi Moss

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