Some Things Are Guaranteed

February 21, 2015


IMG_2551Ever heard of the saying ”Thank God I don’t look like what I’ve been through”? Well, thank God I don’t look like what I’ve been through!!!

The past few months have been very challenging for me but somehow I managed to keep my head up and push through. I spent time focusing on the things that brought me joy i.e. my family, friends and work in order to make me forget about the things that brought me less joy. But most importantly, I took it all to God. You see each time I’m feeling down, I always remember how I got through the previous times when I felt down and remember how I was able to get through it – with God.

During the week I was catching up on one of my favourite tv shows Nashvilleand Deacon Claybourne who had just been diagnosed with liver cancer was having a moment with his daughter Maddie Conrad and she sang a song that pretty much summed up my relationship with God. The lyrics goes like this

“like the moon has got the tide, the river’s got the sea

Oh I’ve got you and you’ve got me

Oh oh some things are guaranteed

Oh oh some things will always be hmmm hmmm

Oh I’ve got you and you’ve got me”

What’s guaranteed for me is that I can always count on Him to see me through and I know He’ll always be there for me. This post has been inspired by me being able to rise above my recent challenges and coming out better off. Cheers to the things that are guaranteed and will always be, whatever that may be for you.

Top & Trousers by Mango, Shoes by New Look

Styled by Onyi Moss

Photography by Onyi Moss and Craig Moss

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