One Man’s Trash Is Another Girl’s Empire

December 27, 2014

So the story goes that the pop art behind me in this picture was found in the bin of our apartment complex when I went to put out the trash. I was beyond shocked to see something in such great condition being tossed away. I didn’t think twice before grabbing it for myself. When my husband saw it he had the same reaction as I did as he couldn’t believe the condition it was in.

I immediately tried to find a place for it. I’ve always wanted to go to New York which is why I had a picture of the Empire State building hung up in my living room, sadly,
this was the one to go (as I moved it to my bedroom) so my new pop art could have a home in plain sight.

After hanging it up I could tell that there was something missing, this couldn’t just be it, it needed more. This was around the time when I just started my YouTube Channel and so I figured why not just make an office out of it where I can shoot and edit my videos, after all, the pop art was reminiscent of my work ”shhh… silence, youtuber at work here”. And so it began, I ordered a desk and got set up and here I am blogging from this very space all inspired by this piece of garbage to put it literally.

I know I’m still finding my footing in the world of blogging but it is a journey of growth that I’m looking forward to. And so, in the words of Rihanna, I can somewhat say I found love in a hopeless place.



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